Peruvian Shaman, Wachan of Willkasara


The sound is a living manifestation from God. Through sound we connect with divine vibration. The Ikaros songs are from the Spirit and are used by our medicine people to heal our soul and body.

Wachan is a master in building and playing native instruments; flutes, drums and other instruments. He has also created some triple and double flutes and his work is to keep alive this sacred music.

He is also a composer, songwriter, and music director of traditional Andean music. There is great variety of instruments in Incan traditional music. Because Cuzco, Peru, was the center of the Incan civilization, all the instruments and melodies were brought from the Tahuantinsuyo - the four sacred corners.

  • Wachan rebuilt many instruments that were prohibited by the Christians in the 19th century.
  • The manchaypyto, a clay jar representing Pachamama female amd Pachataita male energies, with water inside to play the flute made out of human bone that was the Runa lawita.
  • The Kuntur lawita flute out of Condor bones.
  • The chiriwano pamflute from Condor feathers.
  • Rumy antara stone pamflute.
  • Wywa lawita flutes from llama alpaca and vicuna.
  • Ceramic whistle and flutes from silver and gold.

When the Spanish people invaded our homeland, they were amazed by all the monuments and the people's relationship with God and their spirituality. The Spanish were so ignorant that they thought this was an evil civilization and they tried to destroy everything they could during that 500 year period. 1992 was a historical time for all native people around the American continent to show the world that the Ancient cultures did not disappear. We are still alive and sharing the knowledge and wisdom from our Ancestors with the modern world.

Authentic and Collectable Peruvian Flutes, Drums and Other Instruments

Willkasara Instrument Gallery

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