Peruvian Shaman, Wachan of Willkasara


Willkasara in a Peruvian Temple performing a sacred healing ceremonyThe Inca medicine is based in love and compassion and it goes to our four bodies; mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

There are two kinds of disease...
some that are created by our daily behavior or habits and some that are family and social related ties (Jucha) Karma. The psychotherapy is very important in the healing process. Most sad and depressed people are more susceptible to attracting disease. Love, understanding and compassion are the keys for a successful healing of all people. It is very important to have a good relationship with patients that are suffering disease.

The Tupachiy is the alchemy of using and mixing the herbs and different elements. This gives us the opportunity to find the right medicine for each person and each case. This is an Ancient way of harvesting and gathering the healing herbs.

AYNI PUKARA - an Ancient ceremony based in the Ayni. Ayni means the reciprocity of giving and receiving. Giving and receiving is a transcendental action with Pachamama which is the source our lives. Pachamama provides us with food to eat, water to drink, air to breathe and fire to live. Our ancestors taught us to always give back to the land what comes from the land.
"Samay killa" - The first day of August, is the day of Pachamama, Mother Earth. We still practice the ceremony of making a "pukara" or a "despacho" an offering for Mother Earth. This is created by using special elements; seeds, stones, minerals, and waters and using our sacred coca leaves as mediator of mankind and Pachacamaq - GOD.

The coca leaf has been used for thousands of years, generation after generation.
It was never misused as people are doing at this time in life. We treated all kind of diseases through natural teas, clay therapies for detoxification and depurification, water therapies/hydrotherapies, and sweats with herbs for bronchitis or any respiratory problems related to the lungs. We help to aide recovery from any kind of accidents using herbs and natural medicines from the Jungle. We also treat karmic and other diseases related to black magic. We do special offerings for the land, farms and homes that clean out bad or old energies.

  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Personal Ceremonies
  • Healing Sessions
  • Inca massages using stones, herbs and sacred places.
  • Full moon ceremonies involve a place to share, celebrate, pray, dance and be connected with the sacred fire.


The Hanaq Pachama [Father Universe]
Kay Pacha [Mother earth] - this dimension
Uju Pacha or [Spirit] world - inner world, these are the three worlds in the Incan cosmology.

In our healing process we have to work with these three levels.
Deep in the jungle our medicine people are still using the power of certain elements to help you to see what you can't see, to help you understand the meaning of your life.

Kuntur Condor Puma and the Amaru are our power symbols.

Kuntur [Condor] represents wisdom
Puma represents strength power
Amaru [Serpent] represents knowledge

Everything in nature is sacred to us.
Our older brothers - Animals - are our teachers and our source of life, all of them are very important in our spiritual life. Nowadays people are just rediscovering the healing powers of dolphins, dogs, cats, frogs and others. The ancient cultures have been in connection with God through Gods creation...Pachamama - Mother earth - and all living creatures in it.

Mother Earth is a living cell in the universe which embodies God - Pachakamaq.
n the Ancient times our Ancestors used to perform ceremonies for Mother Earth giving to it the most precious gift. Human beings were offered as precious gifts for Pachamama, together with gold, silver, precious stones, sacred seeds and plants that Pachamama gives to us.

The spirit doesn’t die.
It transforms the people that were offered to Pachamama they would transmute and come back as Hananhamisayoc Healers, Hamautta Spiritual Guides, Chaskis Spiritual Messengers, Harawicos Masters of the Sound the Inca Spiritual Leader ruled by divine power